A real jewish gangsta.Jewish Nigga
Jigga:Man what up dawg?
Black Thug:Just chillen
Jigga:Lets hit the spot!
Thug:Man ur a fucking jigga!

Max is such a jigga, nice clothes, smart, style and at the same time a real jigga for life!
by jermaine to the max January 29, 2007
Overrated. Unattractive. Lips that would make one nauseated.
What's wrong with this picture. Duhhh, Jigga graced his disgusting face in it!
by Madeline Crisstoff February 12, 2007
Louisiana slang for X pills
Ol' girl was in the club gone off those jiggas.
by Ashy_Larry March 09, 2004
adaptive, to overcome, to improvise
JiggaBruce, your such a Jigga.
by jb July 13, 2003
Its another word for a male friend.
A guy greets a male friend "What's up jigga?"
by Jessica November 18, 2004
Something used to stab,jig,poke, shank with.
Yo' I seen him pull the "jigga" out and put it to the kids face!
by Al-B December 05, 2005
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