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The Linux kernel maintains a global variable called jiffies, which represents the number of timer ticks since the machine started. This variable is initialized to zero and increments each timer interrupt.
The jiffies global and associated functions are provided in ./linux/include/linux/jiffies.h.

asmlinkage long sys_getjiffies( void )

return (long)get_jiffies_64();
do you know your jiffer ?
by ackit May 31, 2010
Anyone not from the Bay Area of California
I was getting hyphy in Seatlle and those jiffers had no idea what i was doing.
by Mattw0709 January 21, 2007
A person who eats Jiff peanut butter, or just peanut butter in general.
"Is that a pb&J? Ew, you are such a jiffer."
by $-money the dinosaur May 14, 2014
Quiet at first glance, but one hell of a... a... um I am not really sure what but she is one hell of one!
Attack My penguins, Attack!
by Jade ;) October 07, 2003
I racial term, but not a racist term, that discribes the stupid acts done by a Indian(Not a Native American).
Patel! Stop being a jiffer and do some inteligent thing once in awhile.
by Hamley September 10, 2005
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