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Arabic term meaning "Bring me"

As an advisor to the Iraqi Army in Baghdad, many of the Iraqi soldiers (Jinood) ask or demand that I give them things - usually personal items I own. "Mista, mista, jiblee sunglasses!" or "Captain, captain! Jiblee knife!"

After several months of the Iraqis begging (or more often than not, demanding) that I give them things, I finally informed them that I have declared everything within 10 feet of me a "No Jiblee Zone!"

I know an Iraqi Army (IA) lieutenant colonel that I refer to as the Jiblee Master. He will ask you for your pen while you are using it! I have an IA lieutenant I refer to as LT Jiblee, and I have an IA soldier (jundi) that can jiblee with the best of them. He has the stamina of a machine when he begs - he IS the Jiblinator!
by Captain Amreeki December 31, 2007
boobs, tits, tatas, knockers for lack of a better word
damn she got some nice jiblees!
by abbitha September 01, 2010
A rolled up piece of tape.
I need a jiblee to stick this picture on the wall.
by Nickolas Kupper September 19, 2005

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