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the term "jewpope" is one used to stop a conversation in it's tracks. derived, assumingly, from the words JEW and POPE, because those two words put together are a bit awkward and would tend to end conversation. After a Jewpope has been called, the conversation that was just jewpoped cannot be reassumed until at least 3 more conversations have taken place.
guy1: And so then things got weird. He started taking his pants off, and then he took of mine....
guy2: WOAH, man, just WOAH!
guy1: what? i'm tellin a story here!
guy2: jewpope!
guy1: whats that?
guy2: it means you gotta start a new convo. can't return to this topic until at least 3 more.
guy1: okay, i get it! jewpope!
guy2: did you just jewpope my jewpope?
guy1: you bet i did.
by S.Top May 05, 2009
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