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A jewpoint is reached when a Jew runs out of money and becomes exceedingly greedier, angry, sweaty and rude - that is a jewpoint. Caution must be taken when you're around a Jew who reached their jewpoint.
My God did you see Esther that day? She was full on angry, rude and bitch. What was up?

She reached her jewpoint. Probably was out of money and was pissed about it. That's what happens when you reach your jewpoint.
by inconsolable January 22, 2014
3 1
A point or stance you take on the Holocaust or jews in general.
Im pretty sure that translates to "Lets finish the jews off"
although I dont agree with this Jewpoint, im calling it as I see it
by tdigitty January 16, 2008
3 1
coins or any kind of change(i.e quarters,dimes,or best pennies)
john: i'm starving lets get some food?

pete: nah i'm broke all i got is jew points.
by born November 10, 2007
8 7