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Someone who displays traits common to those of jews and blacks simultaneously. Jewniggers can be seen making money and losing it at the same time as well as working really hard and then taking long breaks, just for the sake of being lazy. Under most circumstances, jewniggers can be seen stealing from rich people (jewish trait) and stealing from poor people (black trait).
That guy in the business suit and his phillipino maid just got robbed by that gang of jewniggers.
by Cyrus N August 05, 2006
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a jew who was thrown in the oven by the germans but rescued before death...they are black and jewish... the worst possible combination.
Jew Nigger- a nigger with a yamaca
by the nigger lover January 01, 2009
A person that is of jewish and african american descent.
Damn, I met a jewnigger today at the mall, what a rare ocasion.
by Jason72087 March 16, 2006
a black guy that is the oppisite of poor and is a rich snooby unkle tom that does not give any one money
person1-look at that jew nigger that motha fuck wont ever lend me a dollar

person2- lets kill that jew nigger
by mtown64 October 14, 2008

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