In Call of Duty: Black Ops, when someone uses the Nova Gas grenade.
He got the final kill cam by using Jew Gas.

Watch out, he threw Jew Gas in the room!
by Lord Maher 13 March 09, 2011
Top Definition
A white jew that acts black and has alot of black friends.
A white jew who says nigga all the time and acts ghetto.
A whte jew who acts black and is greedy and wont waste any money on anyone.
a white jew who talks ghetto and has a jewfro.
can i borrow a dollar?

nah man this my only one left ma nigga, na'mean?

damn you fucking lying ass jewga ass ho

fuck that juga, he always greedy
by revid September 20, 2010
A jewish person who acts like a nigga.
"You mah favorite jewga!!!"
by Mariya September 24, 2004
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