1.(noun) Someone who bags Jews in body bags.
2. (noun) derogatory term for a Jewish garbage man.
3 (verb) The act of a jewbagger.
Example 1:
Tom: Hey Phil, what's your job?
Phil: (carrying a large bag that seems to move around) Why its all in the bag Tom. Its all in the bag. Because I am a jewbagger.

Example 2:
Guys, hey look, the jewbagger is finally picking up the trash.

Example 3:

You know that accountant has just been jewbagging all our money without helping us.
by look out for the pandas September 21, 2010
Top Definition
a person who likes to sleep with jewish people
that little jewbagger slept with everybody, even the rabii.
by chubbalubba December 21, 2005
The act of "bagging" on someone who is jewish. this is the name of another word called "jewbagging." This act refers to being prejudice and "hating" on people who have beliefs in the Judaism religion. This is also like the term "gay bashing," which is the same thing only not against people who's orientation is homosexual.
Dan: Hey, are you Christian.?

Nick: No, are you a jew bagger and have a problem with me being jewish.?
by dan el hombre June 23, 2009

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