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Boobs that are Jewish, normally female
Oy. look at the jewbs on that yenta. They kind of resemble a jewbagel.
by Marcos M May 21, 2006
31 20
A Jewish woman's boobs
"Man, that lady has nice jewbs."
by Tramplestomp July 07, 2009
16 6
A jewish womans fine breasts. Usually these jewish breasts have a curvy but firm apperance.
Well you should have a look at Caitlin's big jewbs. I'd like to stick my wang between her jewbers.
by jimmydangler May 08, 2009
15 7
A jewish womens boobs
Dude shes has HUGE jewbs
by roflcoptor September 17, 2007
12 9
Jewish womans boobs.
Hey what do you call a jewish womans boobs.........Jewbs.
by Qwiegybow March 30, 2006
21 19
South park refers to a jewish womens boobs as jewbs
Aw nasty, she's got jewbs!
by benizgay May 22, 2013
1 0
A jewb is a jewish person who's also a noob. Contraction of Jew + Newb.
Person 1: That guy with the yarmulke looks pretty cool.
Person 2: Nah dude he's a total jewb.
by Anman64 October 21, 2010
10 9