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A team of extremely competent and ruthless Jewish attourneys.
I'm not signing this contract until my Jew Unit looks it over.
by I is who I is May 24, 2004
Jewish-Unit. A group of Jews that r tight like brothas and travel in a posse. Gang cry is "La Chiem!"
Guy 1: Man that Jew-Unit is straight from the street.
Guy 2: Fo' Sho'
by La Chiem! January 25, 2004
A gang of Jewish personages who attempt to imitate the g-unit massive. Often found smoking the 'erb and rockin' jewfros.
can make good music and love playing their pacificas. The downside of thee jew-units are that they are never around as they spend most of their time taking it up the backside in Eli's ( a famous "jew-unit" member) bedroom.
Eli is creating a new jew-unit but massive i cant find him, he must be with james in his bedroom.
by j0hnny June 02, 2006
The term used to describe a gang of perdomitiley young jewish males that cultivate their jewish herritage as being a selecetive group of superior beings.
"Dude did you hear about Jacob, after his Barmitzvah he joined the Jew-Unit"
by ryan ryan April 24, 2007
equivalent of the 'g-unit'. However, the Jew Unit is much scarier, richer, and more miserly. They also have the power to count money in a very rapid fashion, which can be rather intimidating. Most of the afforementioned are jewelers.
j-j-j-j-jew unit. get rich and dont spend it.

by gauxgert April 17, 2006
Like the maffia but jewish. Don't mess with these mofos or they will bust out their circumcision powers.
Dude, don't get in a fight with that kid, hes apart of the Jew Unit and he'll kick your lilly ass.
by Dead Man May 22, 2004
a jewish person's penis, usually involving the mushroom effect.
Person 1: Damn, did you see his jew unit?
Person 2: yeah, damn that circumcision! it looks so big!
by Kreb0 September 30, 2006
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