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1. (adj.) Some one who's face resembles that of a of a stereotypical Jew's; In regards to having a large nose, or having a "Jewish crook" nose.

2. (adj.) A negative term describing someone who is hoarding money, or is not paying back money they owe you.
1. ex: "That girl has a banging body, but she needs to fix that jew face."

2. ex: "Dude, stop being a jew face and give me my money."
by Doggin11 July 03, 2008
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when a person has a nose and a chin as facial vertices, and then their mouth CAAAVEs inward, compared to the nose and chin. applies to non-jews as well as jews; jewfaces are common among different genetic backgrounds. can basically be described as a kind of witch-goblin looking jaw area, or if someone were to have a banana stuck inside the front of their face.
Person 1: but man, shes damn pretty
Person 2: haha, she has a jewface
Person 1: haha shes jewish
Person 2: haha, legitimate theory proof +1
Person 2: dude i like that 2nd girl pic you showed me
Person 1: yeah i like it, she looks much younger
Person 2: thats the same person?
Person 1: yes..
Person 2: oh wow hehe, yeah frontal look is good camouflage for jews
Person 1: hahaha yes. side look isnt haha
Person 2: yeah, it shows their battered in mouth
by GYX Kid November 18, 2007
its a common insult of mine
jewface simply means you have an massive conk anda little jew hat
'cos you're a jewface
"hey tracey you're a right jewface"
by Rachull November 18, 2007
The face of a cheapskate, most often recognizable by the presence of a gigantic nose.The face enables the jew to find cheap or near free deals which allows them to save money which will later be used to help Israel attack innocent people.

Also commonly found as: -¿-
"Lol dude that guy has a jew face"
"Yea i know the size of his nose totally gives it away!"

Person2: You're a big -¿- yourself.

by TiggaPlz April 17, 2009
the face made by a jew when it is concentrating, usually on something that is not difficult at all. for instance, writing, lining up a putt, playing black ops, and macking on asians would elicit a jewface.
harry: nate, stop making that jewface and hit the putt already!

nate: i need to be sure i make the putt, guys. i am going pro someday.

everybody: thats a good one........
by eh ho ho duster December 23, 2010
A homosapian sapian with an abnormally large sized snout protruding from his or her facial extremity.
Goddamn what a jewface with his el grande nose.
by R.....B..... October 11, 2006

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