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A term coined by Virgin Airlines. They are people who use a plane on almost daily basis, usually for work, but sometimes for leisure (i nthat case replace days with weeks). The Jetrosexual must follow 11 commandments, which are as follows:

11. Thou Shalt have thine passport ready to go at a moments notice.

10. Thou shalt have a favorite airport and be prepared to explain why it is thine fave.

9. Thou shalt not be a Chatty Cathy with thine seatmate.

8. Thou shalt never hold up the security line.

7. Thou shalt be able to order a beer in six different languages

6. Thou shalt respect the five minute rule when using thine lavatory.

5. Thou shalt be able to pack a week's worth of clothes in a single carry-on bag.

4. Thou shalt not own one of those inflatable neck pillows.

3. Thou shalt have at least one passport stamp from a country that now goes by a different name.

2. Thou shalt travel Economy class, on rare occasions, just to keep thine self humble.

1. Thou shalt leave terra firma behind in order to move business and culture forward.
Forget being a Metrosexual or Ubersexual. Me, I'm Jetrosexual
by Interitus November 20, 2005
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1. A globetrotting jetsetter who thinks nothing of hopping on a plane to Asia for a shopping spree.

2. People who deserve to be robbed and beaten.

You get the fucking picture, think one up for yourself. Paris Hilton would probably be a jetrosexual.
by JawsOfLife March 07, 2007
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being bi-sexual and also having a sexual relationship with a cow and or pig.
by LU-LU March 03, 2005
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