A Jetpack, or "jetpacking" someone, refers to another elementary school or middle school hi jinx, in the same category as a swirly or wedgie. It involves the giver to take a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, putting the spray end down the back of someone's pants, and emptying it.
OMG, Jason totally gave Billy Bob a Jetpack after a wedgie! That's one cold, sore ass!

Holy Crap,I got jetpacked by Brian the other day and it was Friggen' Cold!
by LoganPhyve September 04, 2008
Top Definition
To ejaculate so forcefully during intercourse that it sends the receiver flying.
Nasir: "I finally learned how to fly."
Spartacus: "How so?"
Nasir: "I got jetpacked by Agron last night."
by V Stack and Friends March 02, 2015
When the smaller person in the relationship is big spoon and is farting all night long.
After mexican and sex Nancy was Paul's jetpack all night long.
by J Dub Diggity May 08, 2011
Something everyone could only wish s/he had, to get to and from work, school, shopping etc. and not have to deal with cars, buses, trains, ferries, etc. Basically a rucksack-like contraption that one straps on to the back and has canisters for fuel. Not aerodynamically efficient, makes a lot of noise, to say nothing of the fact that one would have to get a pilot's license to operate it, obey new laws restricting where and when to fly with it, and of course there are the price and fear factor one would have to deal with. Not a very good idea, when all is said and done!
I wish I had a jet pack, so I could get to work and back faster!
by pentozali December 12, 2010
Something that is way over the top cool. Like a man flying with a jetpack. The word 'awesome' is so over used and used to describe EVERYTHING, this give you an alternative if your adjective lexicon is limited to the the word 'awesome'.
I watched the space shuttle take off today. Very jetpack!
by Youdummy June 01, 2011
  Show Spelledjet-pak

In the triple D (Dallas, TX) we call joints, jetpacks.


Show Spelled jet-pak-en

Gettin high.


Show Spelled jet-pakt

Really really high.
Hey mah friend, wanna jetpack?
Nah mah friend, I'm jetpacked as fuck!

by mattYoop June 16, 2010
the "backpacks" that use small ropes as straps, first made by Nike. also referred to as a "jetti"
hey, let me throw my keys in your jet pack
by 2Legit2Quit October 13, 2007

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