Noun. See also "Awesome". A person that exemplifies awesomeness. A man with an angellic face and the body of a god. Just saying the name will cause all womens panties to drop withing a 60 mile radius. Too much use of the name may cause health issues such as nosebleeds, myopoism, hangnail, the gout, shingles and anal and vaginal leakage.
That guy is so Jethro.

My vaginal leakage was caused by Jethro.
by fingablasstn June 26, 2013
Top Definition
The NZ form of a hillbilly or bogan Enjoys saying hot diggity dam, eats too much and plays the banjo.
What the hell are you doing you Jethro?
by squashi_mitsu December 06, 2003
What Squidward uses to address Spongebob when he thinks Spongebob is acting like a pioneer, particularly when they are trying to deliver a Krusty Krab pizza.
Oh don't tell me, JETHro... the pioneers?
by Bbobe26 June 12, 2011
The w.t. (white trash) version of ghetto.
Making your kids watch ANOTHER "Scooby" tape while you and your friends smoke meth is so Jethro.
by dan stewart April 08, 2006
Almost never an american, mostly an asian name. Whoever has this name has much SWAG. He is tall and somewhat amusing......
Your such a Jethro.
by Ezio467 November 07, 2011
name: wim - Single Male(altho not sure cos he has titties), plays tfc(or tries).
he is a funny guy when pigs fly
stop eating son, u dont wanna turn into a jethro dont u?
by jaak April 07, 2003
A term used to get someones attention. Also a goofy way to grab attention.
Hey jethro, what you doing.
by supaman12 November 06, 2007
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