Jetboom is the founder of 2 gmod mods and is well known as the Lua king due to his excellent scripting skills in that particular programming language. He has created one of the most popular gmod mods ever, known as Zombie Survival. He has also created a mod to simulate an old westwood game know as NoX.
tom:man....who made ZS, its so awesome!
jack:why, what would be Jetboom of cource!
tom: ah I see, I must thank him.
by CS CS CS December 24, 2007
Top Definition
Jetboom is similiar to dick and twat and sometimes cunt can also be used to call somebody a theif, idiot or german bastard generally it is used to insult a person(s).

It can also be said like 'Jetfag' and is similar to 'Ugly Fishface'.
You are such a Jetboom!
by Facepunchstudios April 01, 2007
A garrys mod player that is mutuialy hated by most of the community
That tards a fucking jetboom.

Dam that jetboom
by sammybond August 18, 2008
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