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The act of doing something completely awesome. It can be used to explain how something is being done.
John: Did you see how many points Keith got on Fantasy Baseball?
Mitch: Yeah, he is doing jesusly
by Meetah April 18, 2010
Jesusly= anything good in the world.
new shoes= jesusly
lolly pops=jesusly

this word was founded by the Mermans.. a jesus bashing group
you can only use this is you are a true merman
by coletrickle January 22, 2008
To be Jesus like, in place of "Christ Like" a more casual approach to common morality.
A positive way to brag about being a decent person.
"Did you see me hold the door open for that lady, all Jesusly and stuff"

"You're the most Jesusly man I've ever known"

"Out of nowhere that eagle landed and stopped the laser guided missile, how very Jesusly of it"
by Superfan GIO April 10, 2013
to live you're life like Jesus
or someone who is a Jesus Freak
That girl is incredibly Jesusly
by amazingspidermonkeyyy August 31, 2010
A word used by the Mermans, a group that focuses mainly on making a mockery of Jesus.

The word is used in place of words such as 'amazing', 'awesome', 'great' or 'cool'. Anything and everything good in life, is jesusly.
Merman A: Did you see that video of Jesus getting hit by a bus on YouTube?
Merman B: Yeah, it was jesusly!
by jesass January 23, 2008
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