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extremely naive and gullible, not to mention ignorant, stupid, moronic, retarded person
Bart Kregersman is a jesuslover
by Lieselot Bontinck June 06, 2003
126 143

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1. A christian
esp. a fanatical or ignorant one.
Damn jesus lovin bumper stickers. I aint goin to ya Jesus Lovin church you stinkin Jesus Lover!
by Kim and Kathy June 27, 2003
42 105
someone who uses the lame excuse "it's part of God's plan" for everything that goes wrong. They oppose basic women's rights (the right to choose) and voted for George Bush, the stupidest president ever.
Someone to avoid. Like Ned Flanders with Dubya's values.
by I voted for Kerry May 07, 2005
30 139
The best damn type of lover there is
by Mike Truitt August 02, 2003
34 155