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Defines a virgin vagina, possessed by a female that engages in oral and/or anal sex.
After giving him a blowjob, Diane told Billy that he could do anything, he just couldn't put it in the jesushole.
#purebox #straightedgehole #biblekeeper #holyhole #heavensgate
by bigdogcasino February 10, 2010
1. The hole in Jesus' side or hand when used for sexual pleasure. See crucifuck.
2. Texas Governor Rick Perry's nickname for his Prison Wallet.
Rick Santorum was so horny he was obsessed with getting him some Jesus Hole (a crucifuck). Unfortunately, Jesus had been MIA for 2000 years and Santorum had to go off to the bathhouse for some pussy on a stick. Having left his Mormon Panty Liners at home he left with a Mormon Trail of santorum in his Mormon Underwear.
#repugnican #tardbaby #papal smear #holy water #colostofuck #pastorbation
by Cuntoleezza Rice August 22, 2011
The act of piercing the torso and inserting the penis in the crevice.
man "dude why did you mum go to hospital?"
man "she got a jesus hole from her closet lover"
#jesus #hole #sick #blood #rape
by ticklybawbag September 09, 2009
Due to the Christian restriction on extra-marital sex, the Jesus hole is a synonym for a vagina.
Guy: I'm gonna fuck your Jesus hole real good.
Girl: No way, we're not married, put it in my pooper instead.
#vagina #pussy #punani #cunt #twat #beaver #snatch #muff #fanny #gash #beef curtains
by elf_n_safety January 20, 2011
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