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Jesus turned water into wine, wine represents or is(depending on your belief) the blood of Christ in Holy Communion ceremonies. Jesus Juice is the wine used for Holy Communion.
by SenseNOTNonsense January 01, 2012
Yeah very funny. It's a terrible wine. They just call it that to make it sound glamorous or something. And the food stinks. Usually, this junk, you know? Even if you like to eat, you couldn’t eat it.
Yeah but sometimes, you see, it’s not that easy, you know what I mean? It's not all the cupcakes and Jesus juice like you might assume.
by The Zug September 19, 2007
the cheap wine that is served with the jesus crackers at communion
At the Christian Church, my friends and I were excited when the jesus juice got passed around
by Ebag Nigel Gunther February 09, 2015
jesus juice is a kool-aid but with poison in it. it is not coke with beer or any other alcohalic beverage in was used by the leader of some guy using religion to get people to do what he wants.
everyone:*dies of drinking jesus juice*
by mewone November 23, 2009
When you get really drunk/kronk for next to free and its almost like a spirtual experience.
"Dude, i am blasted!! How much do i owe towards our tab?!"
"No worries bruh!! I got my Youtube check last night!!"
Fuck yeah bruh!! We're drinkin jesusjuice!!!"
by mrbluestorytrue November 18, 2015
all alc mixed together
grabb all tht shit dude we are making jesus juice
by jammers1001 December 31, 2008
Well Its basically..Kahlula, Vodka, Rum, Whisky, Rye, and Sprite with a lil bit of orange pop. Devon My brah made it up and its pretty awesome we get crunked off of it all the time Good times on May long man
Jesus Juice The ultimate drinkIt all took place on may long and it doesnt give you too bad of a hang over/. no it actually goes we drank like 3 pitchers of water after that
by Denholm(AKADavid) December 13, 2005
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