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Verb, past tense:

When a likeable supporting character is killed off early on in the development of a video game's story, he or she is said to have been "jessied"; especially apt when said character's death is part of a plot device or when his or her continued existence has become inconvenient for the script writer.

A reference to the ill-fated lass Jessie, a supporting character in the uber-popular rpg Final Fantasy 7.
"Sure, the wisecracking imp was a riot, but deep down we all knew that he'd be jessied before the next act."

"She whom cruel fate hath jessied, Urban Dictionary shall make immortal."
by Joshua B. Wright April 04, 2004
(verb) To to take a massive dump in ones toilet and not give a fuck afterwards.
Oh my god, who Jessie'd in the toilet!
by Sergio'd October 21, 2014
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