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1. To be awful at something and be a complete chode in the process.
2. To fail at your initial professional endeavors (e.g., throwing more picks than touchdowns as a professional quarterback), then to scurry off from that failure and suck at the blistered teet of American reality television....and suck at that too.
3. Winless former NFL quarterback with a quarterback rating below 60, who proceeded to fail in the Canadian Football League.
4. To be the less successful of a sibling pair...by a long shot.
5. The opposite of to "palmer", as that term is defined on this website.
"Billy Carter really 'jesse palmer'ed hard when he pissed in an airport runway on camera. But I guess it was a great endorsement for Billy Beer."
"Daniel Baldwin was seriously 'jesse palmer'ing when he blew off his appearance on Celebrity Fit Club because he was too busy running butt naked through the Plaza Hotel lobby hopped up on blow."
by Mississippi Mudflap September 19, 2013