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adj. being so amazing, that it's on Jesus level.
This nacho dip is jesii.
by megannnlove February 02, 2008
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(n.) (v.) (adj.) Jesii is the plural form of Jesus, the Christian savior. When referring to many Christian saviors you say Jesii.

Jesii comes in many forms. Hulk-Jesii, Kevin-Jesii, Jesii-Prime, etc.
(n.) The Jesii are coming to save us.
(v.) I'm going to Jesii you.
(adj.) The math test on solving ugly quadratics was Jesii-Hard.
by Kevin O' May 04, 2005
(n.) Plural form of Jesus. Only has a few applications in daily dialog, but they do exist
1. If he comes again, there will have been Jesii
2. Wow, I love this art gallery - check out all the Jesii
3. I had so many grumpy moments today, I let out many audible 'Jesii Christs'
by NaughtyJim October 18, 2010

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