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n. the female form of liquid that is ejaculated during orgasm or sexual climax.
It is derived from the word "jizz," which is its male counterpart and equivalent--even though the two are completely different fluids. Here is a little equation:

his = jizz hers = jerzz

v. to ejaculate on someone's (either male or female depending on a woman's sexual orientation) face. The female equivalent of ejaculating.

also, see jerzzed, jerzzing
Guy 1: Dude, that girl came up to my room last night.

Guy 2: Tight, what happened?

Guy 1: Man, everything was going good. We were fooling around, I ate her out, and then she came...

Guy 2: Nice!

Guy 1: Nah, dude, she jerzzed in my face!

Guy 2: Ah, that sucks.

Guy 1: The jerzz soaked all the way through my mattress!

Guy 2: Bummer.
by Leroy7D4L June 23, 2005
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