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Jerving or to jerve is a surprise jizz on an unsuspecting person, animal, or thing. This is much like but not to be confused with a person being served with a legal document or being owned in some kind of competition.
Mad Dog: Yo Lil Rea, i went up to this chick last night and asked her what her name was.

Lil Rea: what happend next?

Mad Dog: I pulled out my yogurt slinger, gave it a good tug, and blasted a jizz bomb on her face. Then as i turned to walk away, i looked back and said, "Bitch, You've just been jerved!"


Mad Dog: Lil Rea, where you heading?

Lil Rea: Yo bro i'm just goin to jerve and swerve on my main bitch, holla!

by BonerChamp6969 April 29, 2009
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