Someone who says something that leaves you in a state of bewilderment. You have nothing to say in reply.
Suz: I am not responsible for any damage my picture may cause.
Ando: Jerk-Ass.
by Larry October 19, 2003
Top Definition
A highly rude or insensitive person.
Outta my way, jerkass!
by Tyler Pence February 14, 2003
One who displays the characteristics of both a jerk and an ass at the same time.
That jerkass just cut me off.
by JohnnyMize April 10, 2003
an insult used as a quick comeback
Terrell:kevins mom is so fat she got stuck in the grand canyon
kevin:shut up jerk ass
by Terrell February 23, 2005
An insult formed by removing the word "jack" from jackass and replacing it with the word "jerk." Basically describes a person who is being a real jerk. Used when you need to get the point across that a person is a jerk where just the word jerk won't cut it.
"Don't be a jerkass."

"You're such a jerkass, this is why nobody likes you."

"Fuck you jerkass!"
by IceWarm January 29, 2006
A person (usually in a group of friends) who insults people for no reason just to look cool.
The Jerk Ass: "Hey frank your a loser whered you get that shirt? marshalls?
The Jerk Asses Posse: "Shut up Jerk Ass...."
by sleekdizzle October 27, 2005
self-explanitory, an insult used by few.
you are a jerkass.
by olaf December 03, 2003
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