The most amazing sexiest funniest person to be around. When around her you feel so ugly just cause she's too sexy. An unreal partier who everyone wants to party with. Every guy wants her. She's the coolest person out there. Everyone wishes to be her
Why can't i be a Jerika?
by lawlsjbeaaar October 18, 2011
Top Definition
Someone who is completely awesome and cute
That girl over there is jerika
by kriptonicvirus January 06, 2008
a good friend that you can depend on in times when you need comforting, and a bad ass partier!
What knid of party would it be without that JERIKA!!??!!

WOW! i feel so much better after talking to that JERIKA!
by Jerika : P February 24, 2007
the act of projectile vomiting and delusion due to excessive drinking after long periods of soberity. often the person in refrence to will act like an idiot. The symptoms wear off after a few hours of sleep.
Comon' bro, dont go pullin' a jerika!
by 628 April 29, 2010
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