The amazing, beautiful, hilarious bassist of The Used. He was the singer before Bert came along (thank god he did). he has 15 piecings. full name: Jepharee Howard. called Jeph or for the cool people Jepha. he wears amazing red pants on occasion with a snazzy fedora. i saw him live and maaan was it great, i recommend it =] He has a cute dog named Zelda, and does amazingly hilarious youtube videos with his partner in crime, Quinn Allman. i recommend watching the Wiztards cleaning service, jeph games, and the dvd trailer videos from their youtube channel.
Jepha howard:"you have to find basses made with the best material like woods. but i have a petrfied moonrock bass from an asteroid. Pekowwwww!" Quinn:"you sound like a cougar"
by smarter?shazaaaam. October 13, 2007
Top Definition
The real name of the amazingly talented, beautiful, hilarious bassist of The Used
Found a tomato in me back pocket!
by pseudonym February 12, 2005
the real name of the bassist for the used
jepha howard owns all
by kiddlez June 22, 2005
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