A Jeph is a Filipino that holds a Pinoy clan on Xbox Live and is the ultimate best at everything CounterStrike. Good at CounterStrike, but very bad sense of humour, culture taste, and cannot hook up with girls if his life depended on it. A Jeph seems to attract many homosexual males to him when he is at a bus stop. Everyone in PinoyXBL questions a Jeph's sexuality. He is also a hacker and a camper. Pinoys don't like campers, right, Mark?
Hahaha, you're so gay, you're such a Jeph.
by anonymous Pinoy October 19, 2004
Top Definition
A euphemism that can mean whatever the jeph a person wants it to mean. Useful in replacing foul language without losing the intensity.

Used alone, it often means "awesome."
That battle between the ninja and the spartan was friggin' jeph!


What the jeph are you talking about?


Holy jeph! Did you see that!?
by The Mighty Musnud April 21, 2009
One cool cat.
Look at that guy with the ladies...he sure is a jeph
by jeph January 18, 2003
A common form of the name Jeffery which is then changed to Jeph for short. Often used by the individual to be "cool" and unique, when it is really a toolish thing to do.
My name is Jeph with a PH. Im unique and different from all other Jeff's.
by tractor11 February 08, 2012
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