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From a Cornish form of the Old Welsh name Gwenhwyfar (Guenevere).

Jennyfer's are an extremely rare beauty inside & out. They are loyal to friends & family & will stand by you as long as you will let them; very supportive. They know how to love no other way than hard. Jennyfer's have a deep passion for life & the things that are important to them. Sometimes their passion can be mistaken for attitude but, let it be known, it's only because they are misunderstood by some; their passion is real & for no other purpose. Jennyfer's are naturally beautiful - making some green with envy of their natural features; so it is only fitting that they have keen interest in the nature around them & preserving natural beauty. They were born with it & are wired to love & care for things in their natural state as well as all creatures big and small.

Jennyfer's will be there through the good times & the bumps along the way. Their friendship does not thin, it is not a fair-weather friendship. It is as real as the Jennyfer you encounter. Strong & supportive; beautiful & timeless. Should you come across a Jennyfer make them your best friend and hold onto them forever; I know I will.
by Robtulips July 30, 2014
A female name that people of america name their children.

A different way of spelling Jennifer
Let's name her Jennyfer.

Is that Jennyfer?
by Robtulips July 30, 2014

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