A weird ass chick. Your friends might tell you she's amazing, and you might think she's funny, but Jemmas are usually not to trust.
Girl: Jemma is such a bitch! She was bitching behind my back just minutes after she told me were best friends!
Guy: And that's why I dumped her.
by Him Almighty June 16, 2011
Top Definition
Jemma, a girls name that can only describe someone who is bubbly, funny, a little bit of a nerd :P, beautiful, uberly crazy and fantastico (italian lol)

One of the coolest girls around!
Jemma, your uber Una Banana!
by RyM April 22, 2008
A name for the most beuatiful girl around. Her laugh will put a smile on your face. She's talented, funny and always tries to make you happy.
" What would we all do without Jemma?"
by cashback aha ;) January 07, 2010
Smart,sharp witted, sweet & sexy with a great body, fun, has a sparkle in her eye and a laugh to make you smile,knows more than she lets on, people love to be around her and she loves to be around people, caring and strong, independant but soft and affectionate.
She has great style and knows how to work it! she stands out and boy will you notice when she walks by!! with her natural charm and down to earth lovelyness, you will share a truck full of laughs and have strong friendships with a Jemma.
Did you see Jemma walk by? Dam she's sexy love her style
by Johndivsion321 February 28, 2010
The nicest,prettiest girl you will ever meet. She is fun to be around and will always make you smile. She is great at anything she tries at. Everyone likes her and if someone doesnt she doesnt care.
Did you see jemma wow that girl is so great she would call a budgie Fudgie....ledgend!!!
by lesbianloverdykebrowen April 12, 2011
Jemma , a femail name name not used on any girl only a stunning gril with a amazing figure and lots of hidden talent, amazing eyes and a bueatiful smile that can pul any guy thats worth her time. Genrally down to earth quiet girl at first but eventually her personality blossoms its a bubberley liveley fun girl that everyone is happy to be around , always trying to keep people happy and secretley trys her hardest in life to suceed and do what she wants to do in life. Jemmas also have a dark side , if she likes you she is a fun person to be around but can also flip , she dosent like rood or arrogent people or people that think there better then anyone elts. Ca come across rood but is genrally a kind loveing bueatiful girl thats perfect in almost any way
hey guys , look over there its jemma
by jazzybizzlecaughtasquizzle May 22, 2011
A female name.
If taken from the name Gemma, it means "precious stone".
If taken from the name Jemima, it means "peaceful dove".

Also, a name more commonly found in the UK than in the US or Europe.
"Good morning, I'm Jemma."

"Have you seen Jemma anywhere?"
by Contagious Light November 21, 2011
Jemma is a name for a beautiful young lady with dark brown hair and sky blue eyes. She can be hard on you at times but she will always be there for you when you need her. She usually has an amazing body and personality, she likes to joke around a lot. Her lips are very soft and she is a great kisser. Her angel-like beauty will take your breath away. If you ever get a chance with a girl named Jemma keep her cause she will change your life forever
Guy 1:"Who's that cute girl your talking to?"
Guy 2:"Oh, thats Jemma"
by enriquejr October 23, 2014
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