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jellysickle means the cycle of jealousy's real thick
i got a new benz so ur suckin on jellysickles
by Tha Truth May 05, 2006
203 39
Means someone that is jealous of you. Originated in the bay area of California in the formation of the Hyphy-Movement.
Person 1: Man, that fool think he got money and all the hoes want him.

Person 2: Man, you need to quit suckin' on that jelly sickle. If hoes want him don't matter why. He got hoes quit hatin'.
by Charlene Williams August 02, 2006
66 9
A jellysickle can be used in many forms and types, but most of the time a jellysickle is one who hates on players, or a "playahater"
Scott, your so gay.... You be Suckin on Jellysickles
by jacksonmoseley June 07, 2007
90 44
a penis covered with KY Jelly
Imma star so im in with the belly pistol
That’s cause the haters be sucking on jellysickles
(Tech n9ne)
by jboss91 July 10, 2008
49 144