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when girl has a lower face covered in jizz at the climax of a 1 girl many man orgy.
girl 1.. did you have a good night at that orgy last week?
girl 2.. yeah it was amazing i got filled out by about 9 blokes,
girl 1 .. wow that must have been fun
girl 2 .. yeah it was great, at the end they gave my a huge jelly beard do you want to see the pics..
girl 1.. wow you had 9 guys come all over you face and neck?
girl 2.. ext
girl 1.. ext

please see german porn films by ggg (german goo girls)
by glenn666 February 26, 2007
5 Words related to jelly beard
you lick someone out, and when you come up, you have pubic hairs around your mouth and in your teeth
"Eugh! you've got a jelly beard. how did that happen? i've got a shaven haven"
"I dunno"
by Amazin Ali April 24, 2004

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