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A person who takes pride in having sexual relations with a person whose fat rolls jiggle like jello during sex, walking, or any other physical activity.

Ryan: "Watch me make that jello jiggle"

Dan: "Oh my god that's fucking disgusting"


"Yo man, tonight I'm going to hit that bulging beast and make her jello jiggle"


"That dude is such a jello jiggler - he just loves to bang fat bitches and feel their fat jiggle against his body"
by anonymous1001 March 27, 2008
Breasts on a chick that are so massive, they jiggle like huge rolls of jello whenever she moves.
Does not apply to fake tits or flapjacks - only large, natural breasts are eligible to be jello jigglers.
"Daaaamn son, check out the jello jigglers on that bitch!"
"For sure bro, I could eat those all night long!"
by The Fifth Floor January 28, 2009
A sexual act in which a man uses the excess belly fat of his partner to reach sensual completion. The jello jiggler can also be auto-erotic, it has been said that only a real man can jello jiggle himself. In some regions the jello jiggler is alternatively known as a gut fuck.
Christine gave Jack the jello jiggler and now he's hooked on fat chicks
by noahgenda September 03, 2013
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