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Married twice, 9 children, not living with parents
"After paying alimony, that jegger has no dosh left for buying choons."
by Japester August 18, 2007
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Something that is pretty crap, annoying or otherwise.
These exams are fucking jeggers man!

That song by Busted is jeggers.
by DRAC250 May 25, 2009
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Jittery as if you've had too much coffee.
In Western Australia Jeggers also is used as an adjective to show something was fun or exciting.
Wow you're really jeggers, how many coffees have you had this morning?

Wow that rollercoaster was jeggers!
by monax March 17, 2010
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Slang; Not very generous
"Come on Alexis, Dont be so Jeggers
by TommyW December 18, 2005
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