a BBM lover who enjoys cock sucking large rolls inside his vagina and listening to gay songs lik edick in my ass and cock in my rolls

his favorite phrase "I'll spread your rolls and you can spread mine"

sometimes acts like or is andy madden
pays him for cocksucking sometimes compared to a kevin madden (a dildo redneck cock sucking nigger shit who pretends to be a redneck when his friend is around( this is when they arent having surprise buttsex in the shed)the cocksucking never ends when the jeffrey dueker and the local man whore are together (also compared to a andy madden) when andy isnt around jeffrey cocks his ear until he cums or his brain stops working (also known as an ear fucking a specialty of andy madden)
jeffrey: oh shit i think i touched my brain i wish andy madden was here
andy madden:i have been you have been fucking your ear for almost 7 years ive been eating your cum to survive.\
jeffrey dueker: oh shit time flys by when your ear fucking
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