1. An entity of modern day americana of high regard and favor by {and amoung the circle of} vanity

2. A true and severe cheshire magnet, able to bring flocks in seconds and by the prooven hundreds

3. A verbality leech and text sucker of others

4. A psuedofaux enigma, made so by cheshires and subbeautifuls alike

5. Of polar to St.Push and {despiteversesexchangedbetween heandpush.tyber} under marks from said St. in the even that he would ever set foot to theNYC {givenherwillandwilling}

6. Underestimated and overdramatized, something that is beyond the grasp because he can no longer be seen as a simple stone but instead for the things spoken of it
"Jeffree Star, Queen of the Beautifuls"
by push.tyber March 21, 2005
Top Definition
Makeup artist, Model, "Rapper" and self proclaimed "Queen of the Beautiful's"
Claims to speak his mind and thinks he is an extraordinary being.
Has done makeup for stars like Kelly Osbourne and... others.
Thinks of himself as the "impossible dose"
Two of his songs are straight boys and we want cunt.
He is planning on recording more songs such as cumdumpster.
Many people attempt to copy his style, but fail miserably. He enjoys hardcore screaming.
He has been on aural salvation, where he says that he wants to put glitter on the "big belly's" of the poor children in Africa.
He used to self harm, saying that it's fault of his obsessive compulsive disorder.
If he were to go on an island and was allowed to bring one object it would be a razor.
His live shows consist of a song where he repeats the words WHORE and FUCK repeatedly and to add a little twist he screams them in the end.
He is friends with Raquel Reed and the art rock band called Scarling.
Is a boy friend kleptomaniac.
Likes gangster rap.
His lyrics have many drug and sexual references :
Boys fess up..
Girls fess up..
All coked up..
Boys fess up..
Girls fess up..
Actin' like sluts..
He is a homosexual and a cross dresser, though he has had sex with women, such as Raquel Reed.
Has an obsession with JonBenet Ramsey
Has several tattoos
Loves MAC, Nars and Hard Candy makeup.
jeffree star : what am I?
Roxxxie : beautiul
jeffree star : I'm beautiful
by unkown10000001 August 07, 2006
Jeffree Star is a current myspace celebrity. He came out with his first album, Plastic Surgery Slumber Party, with songs like Eylash Curlers and Butcher Knives and Plastic Surgery Slumber Party.

Jeffree Star is a transvestite.

Jeffree Star also sells his own line of clothing.
by pern June 26, 2007
The Queen of the internet. A self admited Boyfriend Thief and Makeup Whore. Myspace celebrity. Rose to fame for his makeup and photographs.
<fan> - God?
<Jeffree Star> - Yes?
by TaylorLush May 28, 2009
Jeffree Star- A musician with freakin amazing pink hair. Jeffree has his own clothing line and hes also a model/fashion designer and make up artist. Jeffree is mostly known for his myspace. Hence the word *interet celebrity*
Her hair is so Jeffree Star.
aka its freakin cool
by purple_eyeliner is the shit February 27, 2009
Queen of the Beautifuls. Myspace God. He does makeup for artists and he raps. He's well known off the Internet and he gets lots of respect because he's not afraid to be himself and he's not ashamed. He's awesome.
Person 1: Have you heard "Plastic Surgery Slumber Party"?
Person 2: Hmm, that song by Jeffree Star?
Person 1: Yep.
Person 2: Yeah, Jeffree Star is the best.
by Ms. Jack Skellington April 10, 2007
Jeffree Star is a god. He dosnt give a shit what u say about him and he never will, cuz he knows and everyone knows that hes like 100% hotter than his haters xD people hate him because they are jelous of his induviduality and difference. Many people look up to that. He has pink hair and a pink dog x] a drag queen that totally sticks out of the crowd. and u love his pink knife. Some AWSOME songs are beauty killer, miss boombox, lollipop luxery, starstruckk, cupcakes taste like violence, boom boom pow, inject me sweetly, love rhymes with fuck you. he is a make up artist, model, singer/songwriter, fashion designer, DJ, and myspace celebrity. also known as queen of the beautifuls and queen of the internet. The most gorgeous person u will ever see in ur entire life :D eveyone knows hes the sexiest god ever :D
fan- omg jefree sar, can u say happy birthday into the camera for my friend???

jeffree star- im not ur dog, hun
by jeffreestarislife July 08, 2010
The most amazing drag queen ever

Queen of the beautifuls.

God of the scene kids.

Has songs such as We Want Cunt, I Hate Music, and Heart Surgery Isn't That Bad.

Has done makeup for celebs such as Kelly Osbourne

Is amazing live

Me: I love you Jeffree Star!
Jeffree: -smirks his pink lips- Thank you.
by Scheherazade Skye May 18, 2008
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