A pretty caring person with a loving heart. She is completely gorgeous, and all the girls envy her. She has a sexy body, a lot of guys like her. Popular, but has only a few close friends.
The new girl is such a Jeffny. She is so pretty and nice, and all the guys love her.
by laxrox93 January 10, 2010
Top Definition
A simple yet complex girl who is Beautiful inside and out. Her loving nature and kind hearted spirit tend to have an effect on the opposite sex.People usually gravitate toward her and some may be jealous because dayumm she's on top of her game
Jeffny is a great freind. I love her so much.
by himonkey! July 01, 2010
is a smart girl. she is very intelligent. she is such a hard worker. she is so studious.
My parents always encourage me to be me Jeffny.
by i love mee im da bestt<3 July 08, 2010
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