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The greatest ventriloquist of all time
Ed McMahon: "Good evening Walter"
Jeff Dunham(as Walter): "Shut the hell up!"
Ed: "How are you?"
Walter: "Don't you have some envelopes to lick?!"

Jeff(as walter)to John Kruk: "What do ya know, out of 3 million sperm, thats the one that got through!"
#comedy centeral #jeff dunam #ventriloquist #comedy #funny
by CCFREAK January 03, 2008
Another example of a great comedian being absolutely ruined by 13 year olds constantly quoting his routine in an effort to be funny. Also see Dave Chappelle.
13 year old: SILENCE! I KILL YOU!
Other guy: You know what the difference between you and Jeff Dunham is? You're not Jeff Dunham. So shut up.
#ventriloquist #achmed #puppets #stand up #routine
by nighthawk41 January 06, 2010
the ventriquolist] who created Achmed the dead terrorist] shown on YouTube and some American TV show
#jeff dunham #terrorist #walter #achmed #muslim
by Kamikaze Watermelon January 11, 2009
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