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a nickname for an asian fellow who knows a lot of stuff with the name Sanjeev
My school has this dude named Sanjeev, but we all call him Jeevs.
by jeevs May 29, 2004
to smoke the hydro from a gravity bom
muthafucker pack me a jeev goddamnit
by jeevhead August 24, 2003
-ed,-ing, (verb) to verbally torque another person's logic into a loop based on believing that the commentator is mentally challenged in the use of technicalities to such a degree that a feeling of mental stagnation develops leaving you speechless except for cussing. However the 'jeevser' is almost always correct in what they say.

can also be used as "out-jeevsed", as in "out-smarted" or "out-gunned"
1: "Where is the salad?"
2: "It is under your nose"
2: (looks down)
2: "no it's not"
1: "well, if you imagine a plane that starts at the level of your nose, then the salad is technically 'under' your nose"
2: "WTF is wrong with you?"
1: "You just got JEEVSED!"
by kedari December 03, 2011
A really epic battler who is also really, really lazy. But his protege is way, way better.
Hey, I battled a Jeevs today. It was pretty difficult but his protege was a much tougher opponent.
by Jeevs' Protege June 11, 2010