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1. Generic name for a butler, generally informal and rude.
2. Mascot of search engine ask.com

Both are derived from the fiction of P. G. Wodehouse, whose character Jeeves quickly became known as more than a mere butler but something of a hidden genius, for Jeeves had the answers to everything.
1. "Hey Jeeves, disappear! I've got some private buiness I need to attend to."

2. When his master enquires about newts, Jeeves responds,"Oh, yes, sir. The aquatic members of the family Salamandridae which
constitute the genus Molge." -from the novel Right Ho, Jeeves!
by sandi June 06, 2004
mean, tightfisted, cheap
Tommy's a steeky wee bastard (Tommy is mean with his money)
by sandi July 29, 2004
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