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Did you eat yet? Pittsrbughese
Jeet Yet? No, jew?
Translation (Did you eat yet? No, did you?)
by ecushey June 30, 2003
South Jersey way of saying "Did you eat yet?"
"Jeet yet?"
"No, jew?"
by Shell D April 10, 2007
did you eat yet
hey, jeetyet?
by bj wright December 14, 2003
Did you eat yet? (Not from Pittsburgh, for the record, actually accepted by linguists to be part of the Philadelphia dialect...
Jeet? Jeet yet?
Usually referring to Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, sometimes Campbell's Soups, and a long time ago, Cream Cheese...
by Uroborus September 05, 2006
the southern way to ask if someone has eaten yet
hey man j'eet yet?
naw, but i'm really hungry
by harley babe August 29, 2006
1. Did you eat yet?
"Naw, jyoo?"
"Naw. Yuntoo?"
by Anonymous April 04, 2003
Redneck way of saying "Did you eat yet?"
Billy Bob!!! Supper is out here... jeetyet or do ya want me to save some for ya?
by Tracy June 23, 2003
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