Ugly box on four wheels which cant even manage to get over 20 mpg highway over its 50 years
What is that piece of shit?

Why, its a Jeep!
by Lbayncha1 February 18, 2009
Acronym for "Junky Eastern European Product"
My Jeep was made in Germany.
by oldestof6 October 15, 2008
Military: The new guy inthe Unit.
Air Force 1974
You jeeps just get here?
by jim enockson December 21, 2003
Used in the military to denote new recruits. A derogotory term which is short for Junior Enlisted Expendable Personnel.
Commander: "Hey, JEEP. Draw the enemy's fire so we can escape."
by desPERRYado January 07, 2006
Rusty bucket on 4 wheels, normally found stuck in wilderness when it should not have left pavement in the first place.
I was offroading in my Suzuki and had to pull out this JEEP.
by Roby! March 15, 2005
A poor quality, low reliability,Crude vehicle that Barbie is often seen tooling around in (pink)
Barbie called, she wants her Jeep back.,
by Chevyguy April 17, 2009
the stupidest vechile that seems to follow you everywhere.
i swear they are following me.
by mcilrath January 20, 2009
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