- A term used to describe any 4 wheel drive vehicle, mostly by Irish people because their accent makes it to hard to say "four by four" or "ess you vee".
-I just bought a jeep!
-What type?
- A short wheel base Mitsubishi Pajero for towing the cattle trailer and moving some bales.
-They're good jeeps!
by waakawakawingwong April 23, 2009
shittiest piece of shit ever shit out of an asshole. tend to break down frequently. especially when gay people are in them.
Straight girl: lets go some were in my jeep

Gay girl: ok, but you know it hates me lemme rub it first and call it sexy.

Jeep: "fucking fagot" *makes awful sound and doesnt start*

Gay girl: Fuck Jeeps!

Straight Girl: Fuck you!

Gay girl: =]
by Maddiefuckinfox October 14, 2009
the stupidest vechile that seems to follow you everywhere.
i swear they are following me.
by mcilrath January 20, 2009
A poor quality, low reliability,Crude vehicle that Barbie is often seen tooling around in (pink)
Barbie called, she wants her Jeep back.,
by Chevyguy April 17, 2009
Over-priced, over-hyped american produced junker that GM will never bother to re-engineer as they realize there will always be a confederacy of dunces willing to dole out the cash.
I cannot believe the radio was stolen out of my soft-top jeep wrangler again!


I can barely afford my 4-cynlinder jeep payments and my dues to the frat!
by donkeyrinse July 15, 2005
Rusty bucket on 4 wheels, normally found stuck in wilderness when it should not have left pavement in the first place.
I was offroading in my Suzuki and had to pull out this JEEP.
by Roby! March 15, 2005
Military: The new guy inthe Unit.
Air Force 1974
You jeeps just get here?
by jim enockson December 21, 2003

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