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Acronym for Just Enough Eduction To Post. Used widely in U.S. Air Force security forces to describe a new flight member.
Hey, JEEP, you see those fucking planes? They have officers in them, yeah? So why the fuck aren't you saluting them?
by SFHG April 09, 2009
Word is used as a less harsh, more socially acceptable and subtle version of "Dyke". Word can be directed at any female who wears excessive amounts of plaid and khaki, has manly characteristics, and expresses affection towards women. Word derived from the vehicle due to the general nature/appearance of the majority of its drivers.
Often used among Field Hockey players.
See also: wrangler
-an "in the closet" Jeep
Hey, Libby, you're a Jeep. You too, Anna. You're all fuckin Jeeps
by Canadabackwards December 02, 2013
A fictional animal with magical powers, from the old Popeye cartoons. The one most commonly featured was named "Eugene, the Magical Jeep." Magical jeeps make a "jeep-jeep" sound.
Oh, my gosh, Eugene the Magical Jeep was run over by a steamroller!
by Rod Brock July 29, 2006
In Appalachian English, to "jeep" is to act a fool, to steal, or to just be plain stupid.
"Don't you be jeepin in this here office."

"Hey fuckwad, don't jeep my Marbs, those things are $4 a pack."

"Yeah, he really jeeped his Honda on the Turnpike."
by Dodger Of Zion May 21, 2007
An acronym for "Just Enough Experience to Pass"
Me: Yo, high school was dope son.

Person B: What'er you talking about man? You were a JEEP the whole time!

Me: Word.
by Kauv May 21, 2012
A person whose eyes are set closer together than normal, like the headlights on a Jeep.
Patty's face is cute, except she's a Jeep, man.
by George P. June 18, 2008
not a car, not a truck, not a jeep, Nothing
Tim: you drive a jeep !
peter: yep, life is bad and im waiting to die
tim: hey you must also drive a volvo !
by im better than you October 26, 2006