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Firecracker with a round visco fuse instead of the traditional wick fuse. Can be used in low oxygen environments and in water. The fuse is slightly more dangerous than normal fuses as it spits fire when lit.
by Suvorov August 20, 2003
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Someone who loves Jed Ortmeyer, the twenty-nine year old NHL hockey player. Formerly played on the New York Rangers wearing the number 41. Hails from Omaha, Nebraska.
Usually girls, see puck bunny.
A girl who thinks Jed is gorgeous and actually a good player (he's not) and defends him at all costs, is a Jed Head.
by Lena Jade September 22, 2007
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Jedhead is where you wake up in the morning, and your hair is all messed up and looks like the hear of X-Factor twins John and Edward (Jedward).
Ah man. I woke up today with a bad case of Jedhead
by JedwardLover November 09, 2009
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