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A bulge in any pair of jeans, or jean shorts, which appears as if a penis is causing said bulge. May be found on men's or women's pants.
I had an oddly-shaped jeanus today; it was rather pointy and people called me "needle-dick."
by Skwerl Master July 25, 2005
n. A hollow bulge in the crotch region of a girl's pants (the same area where a penis would be located on a man). As a girl walks or sits and crosses her legs, this area of the pants will bunch together in said bulge. A jeanus is typically caused by oversized or oddly fitted pants.
Grr! I can't get this part of my pants to lay flat! I have this hideously HUGE jeanus!

This pants are way to big. They give me a jeanus.

Now that I've lost weight, all my pants make me look like a hermaphrodite. I need new ones that don't give me a jeanus.

Guy 1: Dude, what's in Sarah's pants?
Guy 2: Nothing, that's just her jeanus.
by The one & only "Balla Baby" January 25, 2005
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