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best female rapper out there, who shits on foxy and lil kim. well underrated, quite unknown to most people.
"jean grae iz dope"
"whos that?"
"hmmmm, just what i expected"
by Paul J December 20, 2003
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a good underground female rapper that doesn't have to rap about sex to be considered good
Jean Grae can kill all these wack ass girl rappers in the mainstream
by Adept March 30, 2005
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Bahamadia with a potty mouth and a new-millenium haircut. tight; she's one hot bitch.

...cuz rap fans are finicky
your approach is gimmicky
so yo turnz over fast like a
young man's virginity...
me and Jean Grae rode the blue line last night and she kissed my discman.
by CapnCrouton May 06, 2004
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