Feminine form of the word "Jizz" (can be used as both verb and noun)

pronunciation: "jeel"
origin: a game of dirty scrabble early in the morning.
1. (n.) I've never seen so much jeal in my entire life!

2. (v.) She got the nickname "Ol' Faithful" 'cause she jeals like a geyser.
by t. danger July 12, 2009
Top Definition
Short for jealous.
"They's mad jeal of my new jawns."
by mizzity May 20, 2003
slang for jealous, shortened by taking the -ous off the end.
Man1- "Colleen said she was 'jeal' to me the other day and I was completely lost"

Man2 "You're an idiot! She was trying to tell you that she was jealous!"

Man1- "Oh shit I feel dumb, she's so sophisticated."
by Ralph Smlonger September 14, 2009
Short form of the word jealous.

Takes the place of "I'm jealous"
for lazy people
Guy-"I am eating an icecream"

Girl- "Jeals"
by Badalien August 11, 2011
1. a word that expresses admiration, rather than jealousy
2. to convey: I'm genuinely happy for you :) That's awesome!! &/or I would love to experience something like that..
"IM SO JEAL!!!!"
"That's jeal."
"WOW!.... jeal"
"jeal." -said deeply emphasized
by Miss Saved December 22, 2009
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