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Anyone who is hardcore for Jesus Christ!!!!
The band Officer Negative has a song called JCHC go listen to it!!!!
by Tyler Masters May 28, 2007
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J.C.H.C. stands for jesus christ hard core. a genre of music that stands strong with Jesus Christ. usually a heavy sound along the lines of The Casualties, Rancid, Suicide Machines, Operation Ivy etc. The difference is that the lyrics support Jesus Christ. One of the early jchc bands are Officer Negative. they may have even been the first JCHC band. another good one is Neutron Bomb. very good bands. feel free to check them out.
a young hyper lad loves Jesus so much that he writes young hyper music for Jesus. This is J.C.H.C.
by One of his many sons September 12, 2007
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