Just bein' Miley (Miley Cyrus)
A reference to the song "See you Again" off of Hannah Montana 2/Miley Cyrus
Friend: Hey what's up
You: Boning your mom
Friend: Dude, what the hell?
You: Haha sorry dude, JBM!
by fuxandy September 24, 2008
The ultimate racial insult, Jewish Born Muslim combines the tired old "Jew" insult with the sub human breed "Muslim"
That Will is a right lazy twat" "Yea but his brother Alex is a JBM
by EWF June 27, 2011
a german clan playing counter-strike and warcraft 3. "JBM" stands for "The Jim Beam Maniacs".
we're having a clanwar vs JBM next week. let's see how it'll turn out.
by deebeejay June 11, 2003
a very shitty school in Mercersburg PA, less than 1% of all students from JB go to the Mercersburg academy. This school has some of the worst teachers, and the worst principle. most students hate this school. the worst teacher is Mrs. Mccans. dont get me started. We hate her, she hates us. The students here amount to nothing. ALWAYS. unless thier rich asses get to academy.
"where do you go"
"oh, in shittown right"?
"i feel sorry, thats why i go to the academy"
by jbms spokes man July 12, 2008
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