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A caring loving girl. Very outspoken.She's very sweet but be mindful and dont see that as a weakness because she doesn't take any bullshit from anyone. Overall she's fun to be around. Knows what to say at the right time. If you have a Jazman as a friend never let her go that's the most loyalist person you'd ever meet.
Girl1:She is sweet
Girl2: duhh that's Jazman
Girl1: oh that explains
by Lovely223 October 05, 2013
she is a gorgeous girl & She is Creative . She Like To Travel and She can sing . She gets talked about a lot and Confronted by None .She goes to church and Wants to be saved and She is the realest .
Jazmen Is Too real & she got A booty
by GummyBearWorms December 07, 2013
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